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Welcome to Breaking News with Barry

Hello, and welcome to my news and media blog. My name is Barry, and I will be your host on this journey into the world of news, media, and general publications. I will strive to bring you the very best content ranging from hot off the press news stories, unbiased product reviews and those controversial opinions we all love to hear. I always wanted to be a real newscaster, I follow the news closely and try to keep on top of all current events in case one day I am able to break that big case wide open. Some of my biggest idols in life have been those great newscasters; the ones risking their lives to catch their big story. I remember watching Anderson Cooper carry a boy to safety after a falling building threw rubble at the boy. Moments like that are why I want to be there.

Not only do I have a taste for the news, but for other media as well. I am an avid comic book reader, and I have been known to peruse through the magazines in my doctors waiting room. I hope that you join me next time, as I explore something magazine related. Thank you, and goodnight.