Kim Jong Nam update

Hi everyone.  Last week I reported on the recent death of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged brother on Kim Jong Un.  

Kim Jong Nam

Kim Jong Nam was killed on the 13th of February just before he was due to board a flight to Macau from Kuala Lumpur.   

In a statement released on Friday, Malaysian police has tested substances found in Kim’s eyes and found remnants of a VX nerve agent.  Commonly used in chemical warfare, nerve agent are known to be the most toxic substance. They are also incredibly fast-acting, and VX is known to be the most potent of all.

Malaysian police claimed that the VX nerve agent was applied by two women who wiped a liquid onto his face.  They also claimed that the nerve agent was administered on behalf of four North Koreans.

Authorities in North Korea have rejected this claim, stating that if the women had applied the substance directly to his face then they would have had to have the lethal chemical on their hands. And, if they had had this chemical on their hands, they would also be dead.  

VX nerve agent is listed in the Chemical Weapons Convention as one of the top tier deadly substances.  North Korea, who haven’t signed the Chemical Weapons Convention are believed to be producing the substance domestically.

Ties between North Korea and Malaysia are becoming rapidly worse due to the investigation.  North Korea believes that Malaysia has been unfairly influenced by South Korea, as South Korea claimed early on that the murder was by North Korea.

Malaysia has reached out to Interpol asking for an international police alert.

Kim Jong Nam update
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