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Kate Upton Swimsuit Edition

Hello, and welcome to my news and media blog. I am your host for this post, Barry. Sports illustrated is one of the longest running sports publications of all time, and their annual swimsuit edition has become almost Americana. The latest issue is out now, and for the third time international model Kate Upton is gracing the cover. Upton was first awarded the cover back in 2012, when she said it was an honor to even be considered. The Florida model was then chosen again the next year, after an unorthodox shoot in Antarctica. Now, after a 4 year hiatus she is on the cover again. She announced the news last week, during a visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show and seemed overwhelmed with the news. The 24 supermodel said she was blindsided by the decision, and that the magazine completely ghosted her on the topic not telling he about the decision until the day before the info was made public.

This year it is back to the beach, for a sunny shoot in a couple of barely there bikinis. Kate Upton had a message to young girls about the shoot however, saying that for this years shoot she focused on gaining weight. Weight training was a big part of the process to make it onto the cover, and being a strong person physically and mentally is something that the model attributes to her success. Upton was labeled by the media as curvy last year since she hopes this selection will help young girls realize that beauty is not defined by numbers on a tag. The model sent a message on Instagram thanking the magazine for sending a powerful message that good things come in all shapes and sizes.

Kate Upton Swimsuit Cover