Bring your News with you

Bring your News with you

Hello, and welcome again to breaking news with Barry. Tonights topic for my news, media and publication blog is portable news. Today we have so many options for how we want to access our news. You can read the newspaper from your local shop or your front door; you can have a voice in your kitchen read you the news aloud or you can even scroll through today’s headlines on your watch. Thanks to some rock bottom prices on I was able to acquire some of the more cutting edge pieces of technology so that I could compare and contrast ways to get your news on the go today.

Smart Watches

Quite a few of my friends have smartwatches as they say it enables them to cut down on precious seconds wasted when replying to that work email or even your boss telling you to hold the mustard. I found a Samsung Gear watch from that I wore for a week and tried to do all of my information gathering on. The watch worked quite well, although unfortunately it had issues connecting to my phone at times.

 Samsung Gear


We all know that you can use an ereader to read your raunchy romance novel on the train or bus without anyone being any the wiser, but did you know that you can also access the internet on newer devices like the Kindle Fire? I found a cheap Kindle Fire for sale on that I kept in my workbag instead of my tablet, and it performed admirably. I didn’t have the option to play Flappy Bird but I got all my updates from CNN, BBC, and even Sports Illustrated very easily.


kindle Fire


Smart Speaker

Okay, so a smart speaker is cheating in that it technically is for in home use, but I got one for Christmas and just love it so I had to post something about it. I actually found a way to hook it up to my trucks wi-fi and use it on my drive to jobsites. It might not be able to show me the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition but it is a great way to hear the news.

Smart Speaker

Final Decision

After weeks of deliberating and deciding, I came the conclusion that a smartwatch is the best way to get your news anywhere. Whether you want to read what is happening this morning on your way to work, or you want to see how your football team did when you go on vacation a smart watch is able to access that information and present it to you in a precise yet co-ordinated manner.

So long, and Goodnight

That is it for today’s segment of breaking news with Barry. I hope that this has been an interesting enough piece for you, and if you are still in the mood for some news then check out my previous post on the death of Kim Jung Nam. Have a good evening everyone, and a great morning.


Bring your News with you
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